Optimizing efficiency for tomorrow’s sustainable energy future.

We Offer Meteorological Testing With A Wind & Solar Focus

Optimizing efficiency for tomorrow’s sustainable energy future.

We Offer Meteorological Testing With A Wind & Solar Focus


Making renewable energy a reality

Wagoner Wind specializes in installing and maintaining meteorological testing equipment. Our experienced technicians have worked on wind and solar resource assessment projects across the continental United States and Hawaii. Our core values include promoting a culture of safety, minimizing environmental impact, and maintaining positive relationships with landowners all while providing our customers with reliable and accurate data.


Measuring success from the ground up

Tilt-up Towers

Our focus is on the installation and maintenance of tilt-up style towers, with an emphasis on products offered by NRG Systems. These towers provide flexibility and low environmental impact. We can offer input on siting, configuration, installation, and maintenance tailored to your needs.

Tilt-up Towers

We can assist with all aspects of a solar measurement campaign.  Our solar technicians have extensive backgrounds with products by both Campbell Scientific and NRG Systems, and can offer input on the spec, design, and installation of your chosen monitoring system.

Tilt-up Towers

We are ready to help with all aspects of a LiDAR campaign. We can deploy and maintain customer-owned equipment, or we can provide our equipment deployed on a month-to-month basis.  Whatever your specific LiDAR needs are, ask how our team can help.

Tilt-up Towers

We own and operate a fleet of SoDARs by Atmospheric Research and Technology.  By bringing in one of our units, Wagoner Wind can provide SoDAR data from your chosen site, whether paired with a met tower or as a standalone campaign.  We partner directly with the ART team to process, optimize, and analyze data taken from our systems.  Whether for a small sample period or a years-long campaign, we can help with any and all of your SoDAR needs.


Attention to detail for maximum ouput

We provide information that is used to locate, finance, and design utility-scale renewable energy projects. We work with wind and solar developers of all types.

We show up every day to make our mission a reality for our partners and customers.

  • KNOWLEDGE   Direct relationships with the largest producers of renewable resource assessment sensors and equipment

  • EXPERIENCE   A record of accurate and timely project completion in every imaginable terrain since 2007

  • SOLUTIONS   Providing viable options customized to the specific needs of your assessment campaign

  • RELATIONSHIPS   Professional and responsive communication with developers, analysts, and landowners through every phase of your project

  • VALUE   Providing services that deliver bankable data for your project through precise construction practices and comprehensive documentation

Met towers

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Remote Sensing

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Solar Monitoring

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